Girl Geek Dinners is excited to announce that our next event will be held on Thursday, September 5th from 5.30pm in the Science Gallery in conjunction with AskATon.

Please go over to the meet-up group to RSVP to the event.

For more information on AskATon, check out their website or their Twitter.

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1.Introductions. Each member will have the opportunity to share: who they are, what they do (or aim to do), what are their expectations regarding these meetups and if they need immediate help with something. This is where sharing a relevant contact, knowledge or insight could provide valuable (and instant) help.

Time: depending on the numbers, we will have 2, 3 minutes for each member.

2. Speaker: Louise Caldwell, CEO and Founder of eventmama will talk to us about her startup and will share some insight she learned while (successfully) pursuing funding.

Talk: Your solution is not my problem – a rare and valuable insight into what accelerators, VCs and Angel investors really look for. That one thing that most founders seem to be overlooking when chasing funding.

Some info about Louise:

Time: 15 minutes.

3. A short talk about our vision, what we aim to create. Q & A’s with member feedback. We will discuss the website as well (we aim to feature all members and their businesses).

4. Pub 🙂 We can continue with some less formal chats in O’Neills Pub.

Look forward to seeing some of ye there! 🙂

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