Upcoming event – July 18th

9:40 am News

The next GGD event will be held on the 18th of July in the Science Gallery! The event is kindly sponsored by Microsoft Ireland, please see our Sponsor page for more information.


Where: The Science Gallery
Address: The Naughton Institute, Trinity College, Pearse St, Dublin 2
When: Thursday, 18th July 6.30 pm – ? pm

Please RSVP by noon on Monday 15th so that we know who to expect. Men are of course welcome to attend, but only at the invitation of a woman – if you are bringing someone or are looking for an invitation, please feel free to note this in your reply either here on the blog or by sending us an email. Can you also let us know if you have any dietary requirements for the food on the night?

Look forward to seeing you there,


34 Responses

  1. Kate Says:

    Count me in!

  2. Maeve Says:

    I would also love to come. How does one RSVP?

  3. Sarah Says:

    I shall be attending and bringing a friend :)

  4. ireland Says:

    Great! See you then Kate!

  5. ireland Says:

    Hi Maeve,

    I will add you to the list for the 18th! Look forward to seeing you then! :)


  6. ireland Says:

    Great Sarah! see you both then! :)

  7. Maeve Says:

    Hi girls, looking forward to the dinner. Forgot to mention my wheat allergy. Hope it’s not a problem

  8. Sheila Says:

    Hi, I will come too. If it is possible to get gluten-free options that would be great. Looking forward!

  9. Giustina Says:


    Would love to RSVP



  10. ireland Says:

    Hi Sheila,

    That’s great, see you then! :)


  11. ireland Says:

    Hi Giustina,

    That’s great, look forward to meeting you then! :)


  12. Mary Says:

    Count me in!

  13. ireland Says:

    Great Mary, see you then! :)

  14. Somaries Says:

    Count me in! Looking forward to it! :)

  15. Ursula Clarke Says:

    Count me in too Christina! :) And thanks a million for organising this.

  16. Caroline Says:

    I’m in too, please!

  17. ireland Says:

    Great! See you then! :)

  18. ireland Says:

    Great Ursula, see you then! :)

  19. ireland Says:

    Great, see you then Caroline! :)

  20. Aoife D'Arcy Says:

    Is it too late to join in on Thursday? I have just discovered you and am Really interested to find out more about what you do!

  21. Vicky Lee Says:

    Late to RSVP (again), I’m sure you know already that I’m bringing Mick as well. :-D

  22. ireland Says:

    No worries, see ye both on Thursday! :)

  23. ireland Says:

    Hi Aoife,

    No, it’s not! :) I will add you to the list. See you on Thursday.


  24. Aoife D'Arcy Says:

    fab, looking forward to it!

  25. Dee Says:

    Hi Christina,

    So sorry for the late reply on this, is it too late for me to attend?



  26. Maeve Says:

    I have to back out unfortunatly. Friend had baby and am going to meet the new arrival.

    Hopefully dinner will be a success and there will be a second one I can attend.

  27. Ilze Says:

    I’m sorry for such a late response, but is it too late to join in on Thursday? I have just discovered this opportunity and I am really interested to find out more about what you do!


  28. ireland Says:

    No probs Maeve! Have a good evening! :)

  29. ireland Says:

    Hi Ilze, yes you can come along!! Look forward to meeting you tomorrow! :)

  30. Dana Says:


    Just found out about this meeting today. Is there a space for one more please? :)

  31. ireland Says:

    Hi Dana, yes there is space! Look forward to meeting you tonight.Christina :)

  32. Lou Says:

    Can’t remember if I RSPVd or not, should be there though.

    Think you’ll still be in science gallery around 7.30?

  33. ireland Says:

    Hey Lou,

    Yes, I think you did RSVP! :) We’ll be in the Gallery until 8 and then we are going over to O’Neills to meet up with some other groups! :)

  34. Andrea Says:

    Great to meet you all yesterday ladies, a great bunch :D