Upcoming event – May 30th

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The next GGD event will be held on the 30th of May in the Science Gallery! The event is kindly sponsored by Microsoft Ireland, please see our Sponsor page for more information.


Where: The Science Gallery
Address: The Naughton Institute, Trinity College, Pearse St, Dublin 2
When: Thursday, 30th May 6 pm – ? pm

Please RSVP by noon on Monday 27th so that we know who to expect. Men are of course welcome to attend, but only at the invitation of a woman – if you are bringing someone or are looking for an invitation, please feel free to note this in your reply either here on the blog or by sending us an email.

Look forward to seeing you there,


25 Responses

  1. Sandra Garcia Says:

    Hi Christina,

    I am a PhD student in Computer Science and I am interested in attending the next GGD. This would be my first time attending this event so I have a few questions.

    What exactly happens in these events? Is this just a meeting or will there be presentations as well? Is there a dinner too? If so, how much is it? I’m not sure if there is a programme somewhere, if so, I didn’t find it…

    Thank you!


  2. ireland Says:

    Hi Sandra,

    It’s great to hear from you! :)

    There is a speaker at each event. There is also some food and drink and an opportunity to speak to the other attendees. Each event is free, and I hope to meet you at a further event! :)


  3. Sandra Garcia Says:

    Hi Christina,

    Thank you for the information. Looks like an interesting event and I’m looking forward to it. :)
    Btw, do you know already who the speaker will be this time?



  4. Angela Antunes Says:

    Hello Christina,

    I am a freelance 3D Artist, working and living in Dublin for almost a year, and I would like to attend the next GGD, if it’s still possible.

    Thank you!

  5. ireland Says:

    Hi Angela,

    That’s great, I will put your name on the list. Look forward to meeting you then! :)


  6. ireland Says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Yes, we do, the speaker will be Mary Carroll will be speaking about ‘Gender Balance in the Workplace – Business Case and Barriers’. Look forward to meeting you then. :)


  7. Kate O'Donoghue Says:

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to still register for this event?

    Thanks a mill,

  8. ireland Says:

    Hi Kate,

    Yes, it is indeed. I will add you to the list. Look forward to meeting you then. :)


  9. Rachel Says:

    Hi there, I’d love to attend please if there’s still room!


  10. ireland Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    There is indeed, I will add you to the list. Look forward to meeting you then! :)


  11. Pauline Sargent Says:

    Hi Christina

    I’m interested in attending, can you reserve a place for me.


    Pauline Sargent

  12. ireland Says:

    Hi Pauline,

    I have added you to the list. Look forward to meeting you on the 30th. :)


  13. Pauline Sargent Says:

    thanks Christina me too.

  14. Klaudia Says:

    Hi Christina, I’m interested in attending this event.

  15. Sorcha Says:

    I would like to come to this, if there is still space available?

  16. ireland Says:

    Hi Klaudia,

    That’s great, I will add your name to the list. Look forward to meeting you then :)


  17. ireland Says:

    Hi Sorcha,

    Yes, there is still space! :) Look forward to seeing you then.


  18. Kate Says:

    Hi Christina,

    Could you add me to the list please?! Looking forward to it :)


  19. ireland Says:

    Will do! :) look forward to see you next week! :D


  20. Vicky Lee Says:

    I’m coming as well, forgot to RSVP, so I’ll see you there. I might have a Mick coming along as well. :-)

  21. ireland Says:

    Great! see you tonight! :-)

  22. Lina Xu Says:


    I’d like to attend if it’s not too late!

    Thank you!


  23. Ursula Redmond Says:

    Hi Christina,

    I’d love to attend this event, is there still room?


  24. ireland Says:

    Hi Ursula,

    Yes, do come along! :-) see you soon!


  25. ireland Says:

    Hi Lina,

    Apologies for the delay,please do come along tonight. Look forward to meeting you then.