Girl Geek Dinner Event – 30th January

6:05 pm News

The next GGD event will be held on the 30th of January in the Deloitte offices, see this post for directions.

Where: Deloitte, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2
When: Wednesday, 30th November 5.30 pm – ? pm

Please RSVP by noon on Monday the 28th so that we know who to expect. Men are of course welcome to attend, but only at the invitation of a woman – if you are bringing someone or are looking for an invitation, please feel free to note this in your reply either here on the blog or by sending us an email.


17 Responses

  1. Tríona Says:

    I plan on rocking in along. Naturally I’ll be running late as I don’t work in the city centre. Can drop someone a tweet/text on the night.

  2. ireland Says:

    That’s great Tríona, drop me a tweet when you get there and someone can pop down and meet you! Look forward to seeing you there!

  3. Sheila Says:

    I’ll also be there.

  4. ireland Says:

    Look forward to seeing you there Sheila!

  5. Vicky Twomey-Lee Says:

    Me too, me too! And Mick as well. :-D

  6. Siobhan Schnittger Says:

    Hello! I’d like to come along, if its alright! (Noober)

  7. ireland Says:

    Great! Look forward to seeing you there! :)

  8. ireland Says:

    Hi Siobhan,That’s great. Look forward to meeting you then! :) Christina

  9. Ita Rowsome Says:

    I will be there, looking forward to it :)

  10. Na Wang Says:

    I will be there too. See you all soon.

  11. ireland Says:

    Great! Look forward to meeting you next week. Christina

  12. Aoife Long Says:

    I should be there, looking forward to it.

  13. Stephanie Says:

    I’ll be there. See you then!

  14. Sophie Says:

    I would love to come along. I’ll see you all there.

  15. Rachael Says:

    Great! Count me in.

  16. Linda Chawla Says:

    Great. Looking forward to the the evening.

  17. Kate Says:

    I’ll be there!