Just a quick note to tell you that the next IGGD meeting will be on November 15. We will get more information regarding the speakers and content out to you soon, but wanted to get the date on your calendar early! See you then!

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  1. ireland on 31 Oct 2012

    Sorry Vicky! I don’t know what I was thinking and will fix it immediately! Life has been a bit hectic …

  2. Vicky Twomey-Lee on 31 Oct 2012

    It depends where GGD is on, I may still make it. 😉 Oh, can you put Vicky Twomey-Lee down in the twitter list? Sorry, it’s a bit weird just seeing Vicky Twomey.

  3. ireland on 25 Oct 2012

    Thanks Vicky, we’ve added your to the Twitter links and we wish you the very best with the GAME launch night! Sorry that we will miss it!

  4. Vicky Twomey-Lee on 25 Oct 2012

    By the way, my twitter is @whykay 😉

  5. Vicky Twomey-Lee on 25 Oct 2012

    Aw, can’t make it. It’s Science Gallery’s GAME launch night, and I have to be there as I’m their researcher. I will meet you all after the launch though.