Hello fellow Girl Geeks!

The Ireland Girl Geek Dinner group has been inactive for about a year, but we are trying to get it off the ground again! To see what your interests are and to make this valuable to everyone, we would like to get some indication of what it is that you, the Irish Girl Geeks, are looking for. Please consider the following questions a starting point for discussion either here on the blog or by sending us an email (info (at) irelandgirlgeekdinners (dot) com).

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you all soon!
Christina and Jeannette

1) If you’ve attended in the past:
What did you like best about past GGD events?
What did you dislike most about past GGD events?
What was missing?
What is essential?

2) If you didn’t attend, why not?

3) What is a geek to you? Why do you consider yourself one?

4) How often would you like meetings to take place?
(Weekly; Monthly; Bi-monthly; Quarterly; Irregularly, when there is something to talk about)

5) Which of the following you would like to have at events:
other ___________

6) What topics are of interest to you that you would like to see addressed at GGD?
web development
game design
mobile technology
other ________

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