We’ve been very busy here at Ireland GGD headquarters mapping out 2009, and here’s what’s on its way.

The schedule so far is looking like this – any feedback would be really appreciated.

  • March: Dublin (date TBD – coordinating with speaker)
  • Friday, April 3rd: Belfast
  • May: Dublin

(these are tentative, and we may try and coordinate them with other BarCamps if possible)

  • July: Galway
  • August: Dublin
  • September: Cork
  • October: Dublin
  • November: Belfast
  • December (early): Dublin

For Dublin events, we received feedback that the nice dinners are great, but that people would like to do a more regular & more casual meetup.  So at our meeting in March, we’ll be talking about nights that work well for people, and we’ll just get a regular monthly night in the diary for those interested.

Another event that is a bit more timely is a short and free speaker training series we’re doing in town.  I”ll put up a separate blog post on that, though, so that people can sign up that way.

Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely faces soon.  Please feel free to leave comments below or e-mail me at martharo [at] microsoft.com with feedback on the site and upcoming events.  Thanks!

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2 Responses

  1. martha on 20 Feb 2009

    Adding you now Michelle, thanks! They’re added just by people pinging us. Thanks for the info!


  2. Michelle Gallen on 20 Feb 2009

    Great line up for GGD events. And the new site is a welcome! I was wondering though – how do you get listed? I twitter and have a couple of blogs – it would be nice to join the right-hand girls 🙂

    twitter: michellegallen
    blog: http://www.liquidelearning and http://talkirish.com/blogs/wordaday/