Our next dinner is set for Tuesday, August 26th in Dublin.  The location is still TBD but we should know by early next week.

This dinner will be a bit different from our previous event.  We are planning to sort out a reasonably priced set menu, and attendees will be responsible for their own dinners/drinks for the evening.  After talking with lots of folks who organize Geek Dinners, Blogger Dinners and other types of meetups both here and in the UK, this format seems to work well for most people.

I will continue to seek out sponsors for the events, as I think sponsors will get quite a lot of value out of the attendees and vice versa.  If you or your organization would be interested in sponsoring a dinner or part of a dinner, please e-mail me at martharo [at] microsoft.com.

Thanks.  Look for more details on the event and venue early next week.

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